Alexandra Tsiapi

Dance Artist


Artistic Vision


I am a young, upcoming dance artist, specialized in performance and choreography. I aspire to create art that inspires people, provokes critical thinking, work that communicates with the audience, work that expresses ideas and beliefs and that brings people together. I respect and admire any kind of art and I am eager to learn new things that will aid me to grow as an artist. I find beauty in different cultures and I am drawn to explore them; every country has something different and exciting, sometimes eye opening, to offer. My aim is to explore new places and share experiences and culture with others, through my practice. I believe that dance, like other art forms, has the power to communicate things directly to people’s hearts as it uses empathy and sentimentalism. Dance can act as a form of protest, make a statement, bring changes, it can move people and urge them to make a difference in the world as it can also be entertaining; these are all the things that I value in this art form. One of my interests lays where different art forms meet. I believe that the collaboration between the arts can bring an idea to life more vividly and thus allowing the work to be more accessible to people from different disciplines. Moreover, a collaboration has the power to introduce people to new ideas and paths, broaden our horizons and inspire us to join our artistic minds to create in togetherness.








Alexandra Tsiapi


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